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Hey! My name is Julian. I’m a 21 years old rapper and producer.

I’m from Argentina. Hip-hop is a huge part of my life since I was 12. As kids, my friends and I started to go to all rap competitions we could find. We developed our skills and techniques by freestyle.

Among other passions and hobbies, I decided that hip-hop would be a part of my professional life and career. So I dedicated myself to learn how to produce a unique hip-hop sound that I’m still developing every time I sit to work.

Currently, I’m creating my own studio. My next objectives are to keep growing as a beat maker and also as a hip-hop producer. Since I have a lot of rapper friends who might get to the top, I’m purely dedicated to help them achieve that.

You can also check my personal SoundCloud if you want to hear some Argentinian rap. You can find me as Royal 1519.