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How to Start Selling Beats Online in 2022

How to Start Selling Beats Online in 2022

I’ll guide you step by step, not only on how to start selling beats online in 2022 but also on how to start growing and making connections in the music industry.

The music industry continues to grow by leaps and bounds in the ever-evolving world. Not just big music labels or famous producers with luxurious studios can produce a steady stream of money to make a living by creating music. From their homes, many amateur producers manage to fulfill the dream of focusing one hundred percent on what they love thanks to the online sale of beats.

Here I’m going to share with you, from my own experience, how you can start publishing your beats online and not only receive the money your work is worth but also start creating connections with independent artists from all over the world.

Let’s go step by step, so you can start getting your music out there right now.

  1. Define your niche.

Whether you are a producer who is just starting in beat production, or you have your particular style already formed, you must understand that defining a niche is essential for fast and steady growth on online platforms. Algorithms will help you grow exponentially if they understand what direction you are focusing on.

How do I know what my niche is? There are several strategies. Many producers use keyword research tools like TubeBuddy to choose a keyword they rank significantly well for, and then produce beats targeted to that style. In my case, I wouldn’t worry so much about that aspect, to begin with. My advice is to pick the style that you enjoy doing the most, as this is the one that will guarantee you to be consistent over time.

Remember that consistency will be the key to progress as a beatmaker, as in any learning process.

If you manage to define your specific niche, you have to be the best in it. Take for granted that there will be more people with the same tastes as you in different parts of the world. They will be your audience, and they will value your original style. It doesn’t matter if you choose to make sad trap type beats, old school boom bap, or rock beats. Aim for your best craft.

  1. Start uploading your beats.

No, you don’t have to be the best beatmaker to start uploading your beats. You may be thinking, “my beats aren’t good enough to sell” or “why would they buy from me when there are so many beatmakers out there?” Trust me, I’ve been there too. I’ve sold more licenses to some beats that I almost wouldn’t have uploaded, than some that I think are the best. The world is giant, and art is very subjective. If your work is genuine, take it for granted that someone in the world will like it. You need to start uploading them as soon as possible.

Several platforms allow you to upload your beats to the internet, take care of contracts, accept secure payments through PayPal, and even create your online store almost automatically.

The most famous nowadays is BeatStars. It’s the one I use and, although I don’t get paid for telling you, it’s the one I recommend you to get started.

BeatStars will make your job easier when it comes to uploading beats, payments, contracts, and shipping. It will also allow you to create discount codes and bulk deals for your marketing strategies.

You can synchronize your BeatStars account with your email marketing service to capture the emails of people who download a free sample of your beats.

It also has distribution services, advertising, and a network of users who will listen to and maybe buy your beats.

In short, you have to explore all the tools offered by this platform if you want to get the most out of it. All you have to do is go to their website and create a free user plan to start uploading beats without having to pay any money. You have a limit of beats to upload with the free plan, but if you have good tracks, there is no need to worry, since you can start earning money before switching to a paid plan.

  1. Define your licenses.

You will be able to modify the prices of the different licenses you are going to offer and choose whether you want to offer exclusive licenses. This type of license allows the person who buys it to be the last one who can use that track, and therefore cannot sell another license again.

Non-exclusive licenses are my choice as these allow artists to spend considerably less money and can put the beat to professional use, without being the exclusive owner of the track.

BeatStars will automatically generate contracts for you with the different license types that you set up, so you just need to choose your pricing carefully.

My recommendation is to go in a range close to most producers if you are just starting. Once you gain credibility, you can raise your prices further if your customers are happy to pay them.

  1. Build your audience with a marketing strategy.

This is the most important point.

Whether it’s Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, Facebook Groups, or Reddit, you have to find an audience that identifies with your work.

There are people out there who share your tastes, and they will follow your work if you do it with dedication and effort. You must find those people and bring value to their lives, to let them know what you do.

Share your process. A person working hard at what he/she is passionate about is worth following, and it is what will bring you more fruits in the future. Sooner or later, you will form a community that will support you and will eventually generate you money in exchange for doing what you love.

There are thousands of ways to create content today in any of these social networks. Find your way to get your work in front of these people, but make sure it’s by bringing value to their lives. This way, you will earn their respect and trust.

How can I bring value to the life of someone I don’t know? By sharing your process to generate inspiration, sending valuable digital resources, giving a free sample of your beats, teaching what you know, and so on.

Defining a marketing strategy will help you expand your audience, and using an email marketing tool like MailChimp will allow you to have a direct line of communication with your followers to provide value and offer discounts on your beats.

Learning how to use advertising services is not essential, but it can be fundamental for your growth in the networks. Google Ads and Facebook Ads are two tools that are worth considering if your budget allows them. Used well, they will help you show your work to many more people.

  1. Always offer something more

Once you have your audience that trusts your work, you can start to expand both in the services you offer and the content you create.

Offering mixing and mastering services is something that your clients will appreciate if you do it well and enjoy doing it. You can also create your Drum Kits or Sample Packs. Many producers choose to create an account on Patreon, a platform that allows you to sell monthly memberships to followers around the world in exchange for exclusive content. You can create tutorials breaking down a problem that can help your audience. Content with learning value on TikTok. Join a streaming platform while you produce. Gosh, the possibilities are endless. You have to take advantage of the tools available on the internet today.

  1. The key: perseverance and building relationships

You have to be very clear that there are producers who dedicate themselves to music for many years until they get the necessary income to make a living from it. Sure, you can make it in 1 month if you work very hard and are lucky enough, but this is not a race. Rather, it is a path. You must stay constant on your path of learning and evolving for as long as it takes you, as this is what will bring you closer to meeting your goals.

Over time, by getting your work out there and having genuine conversations with artists from all over the world, you will learn that forming real relationships is the most important thing within the music industry. Simply taking the time to listen to someone else’s work and reacting with a genuine comment about their content can trigger something you can’t even imagine.

man using light control panel

I could go on much longer talking about each of these points, but my intention in this article is to make it understandable for anyone like me, who started out making beats and doesn’t want to go crazy to start making money for what they do.

My plans in the future include writing articles focused on specific topics such as organic growth on YouTube, email marketing for beginners, affiliate marketing, website design, mix and master beats, and much more. So be sure to let me know what topic you’d like me to bring to the blog.

I would love to read your opinion about this little article and let me know what you would like me to talk about in the next one.

I wish you the best of luck on your journey.

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